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For great Olympic Peninsula Fishing Guide servcies in La Push, Sekiu, Neah Bay and Forks Washington Salmon, Halibut and Lingcod Fishing Charters and Olympic Peninsula Fishing Guides for Salmon and Steelhead. - call Allways Fishing!

Olympic Peninsula Fishing Guide
Washington Ocean Charters

Steelhead Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula Coast is Hot Now!

I am now fishing for steelhead in the Olympic Peninsula rivers and chartering for bottom fish in the ocean.

Olympic Peninsula Fishing Guide Washington Ocean Charters

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We went out fishing with Randy on 9/8.  Weather was moist but Randy was ready to show us a great time.

Couple guys on dock said fish weren't hitting. They didn't have Randy for a captain. We filled our cooler with Ling Cod and Salmon. Here is a picture of 1 my brother caught.

I'm a T-4 Para in a wheelchair and Randy handled everything great for me.

Can't wait to go again.

Alan Wakefield
Houston, Texas

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Experience a great day of Olympic Peninsula sport fishing aboard the Shelbie - Tessa.

Fish the waters of the Pacific Ocean, out of La Push, off the coast of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula or enjoy great fishing in the Strait of Juan De Fuca: Neah Bay, Sekiu and Clallam Bay. I have been fishing these waters since the age of 10 and I know them intimately.

A little personal history ...

I was born in Wisconsin and at the age of 4 my parents came to Washington to visit my mom's sister and they immediately fell in love with the area.

Upon returning from their trip they decided to make the move. I have been calling this area home since 1968 and can't think of a better area to grow up in.

After graduating from the Forks High School I went to a trade school, in Seattle, for computer programming but soon after the waters of the Olympic Penninsula called me home.

Meet Randy Lato, Washington Fishing Guide

Fishing Tips

Fresh Water

For kings the most popular method is back trolling Kwick Fish plain or wrapped with a sardine fillet.

I fish the deeper holes but you have to have adequate flow to make them work and dive well.

If there is no current I will use floats and eggs.

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Salt Water

Trolling for kings I like to troll at 1.8 – 2.0 knots using Hotspot flashers and hoochies (immitation squid) or spoons.

Some of my favorite hoochies are the green splatter back, the Seahawk (green & blue) and the purple haze with a white glow flasher, which is very productive. I will use others but these are my favorites.

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Drift Boat Fishing Tips

Side drifting is one of the most popular methods in conventional steelhead fishing. This can be done with a combination of bait, yarn and rubber worms.

This method runs your gear alongside the boat for a longer, more natural looking presentation. On my guided trips I set up all my gear in the same manner to achieve maximum effect.

Also learn about drift boat fishing: pulling plugs and driftboat fishing: spoons and spinners!

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Salmon Fishing Guide Service

king salmon

Salmon Fishing

The Olympic Peninsula is home to some of the best salmon fishing on the continental United States.  The Rivers of Washington State's  Olympic Peninsula have been a favorite for anglers around the world. These Rivers offer King and Silver Salmon as well as the Olympic Peninsula's Famous Steelhead Trout.

In Oct. and Nov. the rivers are stuffed with kings and silvers. Kings average 20lbs with the largest last year being 44lls and silvers average 15lbs and the largest being 22lbs. This year the limit is 4 adult salmon in the Quileute river systom. This is just a hint of how many fish are going to return this year. Prime days still availible


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Steelhead Fishing Guide Service

Steelhead Trout

Steelhead Trout

Fishing for Steelhead

Steelhead fishing on the Olympic Peninsula is very popular, these runs bring people from all over the world to catch a steelhead. The Olympic Peninsula is known as the the steelhead capital of the world.

We have a hatchery runs of steelhead and native runs of steelhead. We do promote catch and release on the wild fish but I feel the final decision should be the paying clients. I do push to release the females more because one male can fertilize a couple of female nest. The sponning fish is our future.

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About Steelhead

The rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is a species of salmonid native to tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America as well as much of the central, western, eastern, and especially the northern portions of the United States.

The ocean going (anadromous) form (including those returning for spawning) are known as steelhead, or ocean trout (Australia). The species has been introduced for food or sport to at least 45 countries, and every continent except Antarctica.

In some of these locations, such as Southern Europe, Australia and South America, they have had very serious negative impacts on upland native fish species, either by eating them, outcompeting them, transmitting contagious diseases, or hybridization with closely related species and subspecies that are native to western North America.[1][2]

(from Wikipedia)

King Salmon Fishing Guide Charters

King Salmon

King Salmon

The coast line of Washington has been a real fan favorite for years and it offers many species of fish, marine life and scenic opportunities.   It has given anglers the chance to catch a king of a lifetime with lots smiles and fish for the cooler its a awesome experience.

King salmon fishing off the coast of Washington is and has bean proven to be one of the best salmon fisheries on the west coast. I fish out of the Quileute Indian Reservation just minutes from Forks on the Olympic Peninsula. I have fished out of this port since I was a kid and know and respect it well.

The first salmon season starts the 12th of June for two hatchery kings and for the month of June I am including a couple hours of bottom fishing FREE.

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Halibut Fishing Guide Charters


The Halibut Fishing off the coast of  Washington State's Olympic Peninsula is excellent!  Our Halibut Fishing Charters provide anglers with a world class opportunity to catch these great fish.  Halibut are one of the most sought after species in the ocean, they are good fighters on the end of the line and awesome on the grill.

We fish Halibut in the most popular Washington off shore waters, the Canadian waters that require you to go to Canada to get your fishing licnese and in the Straits of Juan DeFuca.

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Tuna Fishing Guide Charters


Tuna Fishing

The tuna fishing off the north coast has become reel popular with the salt water anglers.  The albacore tuna is a awesome fish to battle, they are so fast and strong. 

The time of year is late summer. This is Mid Aug. and Sept. when the warm water is close to the shore. We keep close tabs on the water color and temp. for the best action.

The Albacore tuna fishing has become very popular on the west coast the last few years and become my favorite fishery. When its happening the fish are hitting the deck. We just day fish for the tuna go out early and return late afternoon.

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Ling Cod Fishing Guide Charters

Ling Cod

Ling Cod Fishing

The lingcod fishing in the ocean is great. This is the fish we caught of Sunday April 11 out of La Push. The water was calm and the weather was great.

We will be able to fish off shore for these fish till late May then a 20 fathom depth restriction is set on the coast. The limit is 2 lingcod and 10 sea bass, its a great time and will produce a good amount of fish for the freezer.

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Sea Bass Fishing Guide Charters

Sea Bass Fishing

Sea Bass Fishing

The Sea Bass fishing on the ocean is great.

This is a very popular fishery for a family adventure, close to shore, light gear and lots of fish.

Fishing for sea bass is easy for all members when we find a school of bass we lower jigs to the bottom and real them up or cast plastic on lead heads either way its fish on.

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Scenic Ocean and River Tours

Scenic Ocean and River Tours

Scenic Ocean and River Tours are also available, be sure to bring your camera, the scenic beauty and wildlife of Washington's Coast is unbelievable.

The gray whales will be off the WA coast in April.  Later in the summer we will see the humpbacks like the one pictured here.

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Charter and Guide Service
Forks, Washington
on Washington's Scenic Olympic Peninsula
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Randy Lato
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