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Fresh Water Fishing Tips

Fresh Water Fishing Tips


Kings: The most popular method is back trolling Kwick Fish plain or wrapped with a sardine fillet. I fish the deeper holes but good flow is needed to make them work and dive well. If there is no current I will use floats and eggs.

I use a sliding float with just enough weight to keep the tip of the float above water. This way you can see any bump and they don’t feel the float when they tug on it. One of the hardest things to do is holding back on setting the hook until the float is out of sight.

Silvers: I throw spinners and spoons like Blue Fox spinners and Steely spoons. The most lethal method is twitching with a lead head and a hoochy skirt over it. Some people will also tie feathers on lead heads.

Using this method you cast into a hole,  twitch the rod up and real as you bring the rod back down. The jig does sink fast so adjust the cranks to the depth. The jig will dart up and down and drives the fish crazy.

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